Awkward Girl vs The Party People

As I said before, I go to a school that has a bit of a notorious party-school reputation. Well today is perhaps the largest day of partying that happens all year. The boozy, crazed, day-ger (day rager, for those of you fortunate enough to have no idea what that is) attracts people in the thousands, and draws students from far out of town. It’s a sloppy mess that always results in injuries, damaged property, and an all-around head-ache for our police department. Because of that, I make a point to have no part in it whatsoever.

Most people started off today by slathering on some tan-in-a-can, picking out the perfect belly-revealing crop top (or the equivalent neon or patterned short-shorts for the male crowd), and by noon everyone already had a buzz. When I woke up today, I laid in bed for a while, reading On Writing by Stephen King, before getting up and putting on my workout clothes (because I tell myself if I put them on, I am more likely to work out), and heading to the dining commons for brunch.

WELL, little did I know that the hordes had infiltrated not only campus, but the one place where I can usually count on getting a quiet and solitary meal in the mornings. I walked into the dinning commons like normal, and handed the lady my card to swipe me in, and that is when I realized that we had been taken over. My heart dropped, and my fight or flight kicked in, screaming at me to RUN AWAY! But my card had already been swiped. I had paid for this meal. There was no turning back.

I walked with my arms close to my sides, chin down, trying to avoid making eye contact or bumping into the hundreds of people wandering around in their festival-like attire, clearly oblivious to ALL of the general protocol that those who frequent this dining commons know naturally.

I stood in a line 30 people deep, waiting for my egg whites and potatoes, still amazed at the sheer amount of people inside a place that is usually deserted at 11 AM on a Saturday morning. After that, I waited in an equally long line for some fruit, and that was when I could really tell that no one actually went here. To the girl in the Bose State t-shirt, “No, I am not waiting for fruit. I like to just stand here for no reason with an empty bowel in my hand. GO HOME!”

Once I finally got all my food, and found a place to sit down where I wasn’t bumping elbows with the non-students next to me (which took twice as long as usual) I ate my food quickly, determined to leave this hell-hole as soon as I could.

Needless to say, I will spend the rest of my day holed up in my room, avoiding all future awkward interactions with my drunken brethren.

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2 Responses to Awkward Girl vs The Party People

  1. ellyisginger says:

    Why not just get into the party atmosphere Maaaaan!

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