Awkward Girl Goes Out–Part 1

Getting Invited

Being awkward, I don’t make a point to go to very many parties. Which is funny, because the college I attend has one the most notorious party-school reputations, but, nonetheless, I don’t get out very much. What I find most sad about my lack of a social life is that because I live in the dorms, I can’t even own a cat. Because owning a cat would at least justify me not having a social life. But sadly, no cat. Instead I prefer to stay inside, peruse Pinterest, binge watch Netflix, or play videogames.

All that being said, tonight, I actually went to a party. GASP! For the sake of honesty, I must admit though that when I agreed to go to said party, I had no idea that alcohol or drinking games, or any of that business would be involved. A very close friend of mine invited me over to her place to watch the Oscar’s. Seemed harmless enough, right? And being the recluse that I am, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to go out for once?” And so I agreed.

A few days later I get the invite on Facebook, and the gravity of my mistake settles in. Almost 50 people had been invited to this gathering (with that many people, can it even be called a gathering any more? How intimate can this gathering be with 50 drunk, loud college kids crammed into a tiny apartment? Sounds to me more like the opening scene in a horror flick, or something straight out of The Walking Dead). On top of that, the event info specified that “drank” would be available (and while I’m making a habit out of side notes, why is it that people now a days are so obsessed with purposefully having bad grammar? I think I’m the only one still awkwardly using periods in my text messages). But the part that really got me, was “classy as fuck dress is always appreciated.”

Awkward girl never looks “classy as fuck”. Awkward girl maybe occasionally looks “pretty nice as fuck,” and more often than not looks “borrowed this from my grandma….as fuck?” But at this point, there was no going back. I had committed to attending this party, and while I may be awkward, I am also stubborn. It was while getting ready for this evening that I had one of my classic “wow! You are so awkward!” moments. (continued in part 2)

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